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This is a new blog and I belive some of you don't know what this blog is about
If this is the first time you are visiting this blog I can recomend you to read the about me page.

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Monetize now or wait for the blog to get bigger?

One question a lot of bloggers ask when they start a new blog is if they should monetize it direct or wait til the blog has more visitors. There is many different opinions about that. Some pepole say you should do it direct and some people say you should do it when you have at least 500 visitors per day.

I belive that monetizing from the beginning is good. However trying to make direct ad sales is useless because I don't think anyone would buy from a blog that has a very small amount of traffic. It's more important to promote your blog than try to find some advertisers for your blog.

The things you can do in the beginning of your blogs life is to put up some ads from goole or any other advertising company. Me for example have put up ads from bidvertiser.

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